Dear Friends and Music Enthusiasts,

Only 1 Week to go: MOOZAK FESTIVAL 2013 is nearing!

We will present a wide range of musical flavours, an exhibition area, and - for the first time in the history of moozak festivals - workshops and lectures!

To help us evaluate the interest please send us an email (to if you're interested in taking part in the workshops!

Wednesday afternoon we will feature a no-input mixing-workshop by Andreas Krach (aka Krach der Roboter, aka Andreas Stoiber),

Thursday will see a lecture on gender and noise by singaporean transgendered artist One Man Nation,

and for the analogue Synthesizer freaks there will be a workshop by Berlin's modular-synth specialist Schneiders Buero and their "Modular Karussell", in cooperation with viennese synthesizer-manufacturers

Entry during daytime costs 8€ (including workshop); you can "upgrade" to a concert ticket later without additional cost!

The folks from cafe.atelier will supply you with coffee specialities, and will later be joined by the underground-record experts from Transformer Music!

Please spread the news - we hope to see you there,

the MOOZAK team

Robert HenkeCOH


The third Moozak festival will be held on the 18th and 19 September - for the first time in a central location in vienna: The Fluc, a long-time partner of ours. The spectrum of the shown projects contains many exciting and diverse projects by various exponents of audio-, visual- and installation art: live music, videos, lectures and installations.

The range is wide and spans from digital to analog; from rhythm to the drone; from order to chaos - and back again. On the friction surface between contrasting projects the core is exposed: Styles may vary - setups as well: at the core remains the experiment - in search for new forms and descriptions.


Date: 18. & 19. September 2013
Location: Fluc / Wien Praterstern ( -> How to get there )

Exhibition Opens Daily: 14:00 (CET)
Live Concerts: 20:00 (CET)
Djs: From ~1:00 (CET)

One day ticket: 15 € (at the door) / 12€ (presale)
Festival pass: 25€ (at the door) / 22€ (presale)

If you happen to live in vienna you can get your presale ticket at Jugendinfo / WienXtra
(Babenbergerstraße 1/Ecke Burgring, 1010 Wien) Day 1 / Day 2 / Festival pass

Facebook event pages:: join online & spread them!!
MOOZAK FESTIVAL / 18.09.2013
/ MOOZAK FESTIVAL / 19.09.2013

Live audio stream (128 kbps MP3, 8pm-4am): Campusradio St. Pölten 94.4 Livestream / presented by Andrea Kolmitzer (Radio Orange / Release Vienna)


LIVE PROGRAM Wednesday September 18th

Circuit Bending Workshop: Andreas Krach (DE)

Mobile Record Store by TRANSFORMER MUSIC
Coffee specialities by Cafe.atelier
DJ: Bernhard Loibner (AT)

Robert Henke (DE)
Hautkörper (Elisabeth Schimana & Noid) (AT)
Bagg*Fisch (Michael Fischer & Marcos Baggiani) (AT/AR)
Merzouga (Eva Pöpplein & Janko Hanushevsky) (DE/AT)
Andreas Krach (DE)
panGenerator (PL) - Electric Orange

DJ: Transformer Music (AT)

panGeneratorAvery Tinnitus

LIVE PROGRAM Thursday September 19th

Lecture: One Man Nation (SG):
Workshop: Endorphines & Schneiders Buero (DE)

Mobile Record Store by TRANSFORMER MUSIC
Coffee specialities by Cafe.atelier
DJ: Lukas Scholler (AT)

COH + Tina Frank (RU/AT) - Retro-2038
One Man Nation (SG)
BlueBlut (Pamelia Kurstin, Chris Janka & Mark Holub) (AT/US)
Avery Tinnitus (Nikola Mounoud & Alois Wismer) (CH) (Andreas Zhukovsky, Moritz Scharf, Elias Handler, David Wurth) (AT/DE/UA)

DJ: Ambient Animal (AT)

Robert LisekLaura Focarazzo

EXHIBITION AREA (wednesday & thursday from 14:00 afternoon)

Christine Schörkhuber (AT) - Point of view
Jay-Dea Lopez (AU) - Decay
Jay-Dea Lopez (AU) - The Great Silence 
Kevin Logan (UK) - Seamless
Laura Focarazzo (AR) - OtherMoons
Laura Focarazzo (AR) - SpecificGravity
Mirjam Baker (AT)
panGenerator (PL) - Peacock
Robert B. Lisek (PL) - Nuclear Random Engine
Robert M. Schwarz (AT) - piano, This Restrictive CIRCLE OF Pure Sounds
Schneiders Buero (DE) - Modular Karussell
Sixtus Preiss (AT) - Soundball
Uli Kühn (AT)


More information about the Festival here:

Kindly supported by SKE Austro Mechana
In cooperation with Fluc, Polnisches Institut Wien,, Transformer Music, Cafe.atelier, Media Opera, scopeaudio, AKG
Media partners: Skug, Campus Radio, TheGap